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Hello there. My name is Yvonne.

I like Star Wars, video games, Disney, and food.


How do I become someone’s #wcw? Do I buy them candy? Pay them in cash??? How???

HOW? I want to know.

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So far adulthood is just going grocery shopping, realizing you didn’t plan well or logically, going grocery shopping again, repeat ad infinitum. 0/10 stars, would not recommend

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if I ever fall into a coma someone please come secretly tweeze my eyebrows so I can make all the nurses hella jealous of my unconscious eyebrow game. 

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First Look: EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2 (featuring GWEN STACY, SPIDER-WOMAN) by Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez & Rico Renzi.

I really, REALLY like the look of this.

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 Pastel Gameboy's Mew Cards
 Pastel Gameboy's Mew Cards

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